We sell Fudgeridoo in a box of four bars. Each box will weigh a minimum of 400g. Individual bars may vary in weight due to the fact that our fudge is handmade and hand cut.
Fudgeridoo Offer, Buy 3 Bars get your 4th Bar Free!
Enjoy filling your Box with Fudgeridoo.

Amaretto Cherry Chocolate Crunch
Amaretto Biscuit in a Chocolate Base, Topped with a Rich Smooth Amaretto Fudge,  Filled with Ch..
Caramel Lovers and Banana Fudge Drizzled with Death By Chocolate finished of with Banana Chips. War..
Belgian White Chocolate & Hazelnut
Luxurious Creamy Belgian White Chocolate, Rippled through our Fudgeridoo and packed with Hazelnuts ..
Blue Banana
Smooth Black Forest Gateaux Fudge with a Cherry Liquor Kick. Warning contains:MILK, SOYA LECITHIN S..
Caramel Lovers
For all you Caramel Lovers out there. Sit back relax and enjoy.  Warning contains:MILKMay cont..
Caramel Rum & Raisin
Dad's Favourite, Scrumptious Caramel Fudge, Lovingly Folded with Raisins and Rum. Warning contains:..
Caramel Seasalt
Caramel Sea Salt with Ripples of Sea Salt. Warning contains:MILKMay contain traces of NUTS..
Chilli Chocolate
Death by Chocolate Fudge Folded and Swirled with Custard Fudge! Gorgeous! Warning contains:MILK, SO..
Chocolate Junk Yard
Death by Chocolate Fudge Stirred with a Swirl of Vanilla, Rammed with Smarties and Mini Eggs. Warni..
Chocolate Malteser Dunk
You'll Dunk this in one! Death by Chocolate Fudge Filled with Malteser Balls! Warning contains:MILK..
Chocolate Oreo Overload
Death by Chocolate Fudge Busting with Oreo Biscuits. Warning contains:MILK,  SOYA LECITHINMay ..
Clotted Cream
Smooth Silky Creamy Clotted Cream Fudgeridoo Warning contains:MILK, SOYA LECITHINMay contain traces..
Death By Chocolate
This one is for all you Chocaholics. Smooth rich Death By Chocolate FudgeridooWarning contains:MILK,..
Ginger Sparkle
Ginger and Death By Chocolate Fudge Swirled Together, Topped with Golden Sparkle Warning contains:M..
Creamy Vanilla Fudge Mixed with Chunks of Chocolate Covered Honeycomb. Warning contains:MILK, WHEY ..
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodgers are a popular British biscuit, made from Shortbread with a Raspberry Filling. You wil..
Lemon Meringue
Light, Fresh, Citrus Lemon Fudge Folded with Meringue. Warning contains:MILK, EGGMay contain traces..
Malteser Dunk
You'll Dunk this in one! Creamy Vanilla Fudge Filled with Malteser Balls! Warning contains:MILK, WH..
Maple Walnut
Creamy Maple Fudge Crammed with Crunchy Walnuts. Warning contains:MILK, WALNUTSMay contain traces o..
Minions Lovers!  You will love our Banana Bursting FudgeridooWarning contains:MILK, SOYA LECITH..
Mount Snowdon
Death By Chocolate filled with Mountainous Meringues, Topped with Mini Candies. Warning contains:MI..
Oreo Overload
Oreo Cookies Mixed into our Creamy Vanilla Fudge, Yummy. Warning contains:MILKMay contain traces of..
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie Fudge with Crushed Pecans and a Slurp of Whiskey, Topped with Whole Pecans Warning contai..
This Prosecco is in a Bar not a Bottle! Topped off with, Diamond Sugar Crunch. Warning contains:MIL..
Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry Lemonade in a Fudge, once you've tried this you'll always come back for more. 'Mouthwateri..
Raspberry Ripple
Crushed Raspberries lovingly folded with Creamy Vanilla Fudge. Fudgeridoo's take on Knickerbockers R..
Raspberry Ruffle
A Classic Old Fashioned Favourite! Death By Chocolate, swirled with Raspberry Fudge and Coconut flak..
Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Filled with Rolo's and Toffee Pieces. Warning contains:MILK, SOYA LECIT..
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