1. How long will Fudgeridoo Fudge last?

    Fudgeridoo fudge will stay fresh for 3 months. It will tend to dry out before any off-taste will develop. For long periods of non-snacking we recommend that you place the fudge in a zip-lock bag and freeze it. Fudge frozen for over a year does not change its colour, taste or texture. However, we'd be surprised if it lasts longer than one day after you receive it.

  2. What should be done if it does dry out?

    Don't you dare throw Fudgeridoo Fudge out. Simply place the fudge in a microwave proof container and warm it at 30 second intervals at 50% power. Add a teaspoon of water to mix in with the warm fudge.

  3. How can Fudgeridoo Fudge be used in other ways than just eating it?

    Melt Fudgeridoo Fudge over ice cream, freeze and cube it for party snacking, dice it and sprinkle it over desserts, melt and spread thin layers over sections of birthday cake, dribble melted chocolate fudge over cookies or biscotti. Use our homemade fudge for your homemade desserts.

  4. How are my purchases shipped?

    We use Royal Mail Parcel Force.  During these unprecedented times, we continue to work hard to collect, process and deliver the UK’s mail. However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely some areas of the country will experience some level of disruption due to Coronavirus-related absences at local mail centres or delivery offices. We’re sorry about this. Every item of mail is important to us, so we’re working hard to keep any delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  5. When will my order be shipped?
  6. Orders received by 2.00pm will be shipped the same day (Monday to Friday). Orders placed after 2.00pm will be despatched on the next working day. We at Fudgeridoo cannot guarantee delivery times in these unprecedented times.

  7. Can I send a message along with my purchase?

    Yes of course! Just write a greeting in the proper space on the order form at checkout. We will copy it onto our standard "To-From" card included with each shipment.

  8. Can I order for special occasions?

    Yes you can order for weddings, birthdays, parties, baby showers, for all occasions by emailing us at email@fudgeridoo.co.uk or via telephone on 01341 280133.

  9. How much does a Fudgeridoo box of fudge weigh?

    Each box of our four bars of fudge will weigh a minimum of 400g. Individual bars may vary in weight due to the fact that our fudge is handmade and hand cut.

  10. What happens if my chosen flavour sells out after I have ordered it online?

    We update our website as Fudgeridoo Fudges sell out in our shop. On the rare occasion when we sell out of the Fudge before being able to remove it from our website we will substitute it for another flavour. Keeping it inline with what you ordered.

  11. What happens if I enter the wrong details when ordering fudge?

    We strongly advise that you check your details (name and address) before confirming your order as once an order is confirmed mistakes cannot be rectified and refunds or replacement boxes of fudge will not be given.

  12. How much does a Bar of Fudgeridoo Fudge cost?

    If you buy Fudgeridoo Fudge at our shop in Barmouth a bar of Fudge will cost £3.50 per 100g. The actual price paid is determined by the weight of each bar. Fudgeridoo online has a Special Online price of £10.50 per Box including a free bar of Fudgeridoo Fudge which works out at £3.50 per bar (minimum weight 100g). This offer is exclusive to online purchases only.