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We Ship all our Fudgeridoo Monday - Friday.
We use Royal Mail first or second class, signed for. 

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Coffee Walnut Whip
Smooth Coffee Fudgeridoo, layered with Death by Chocolate and Topped off with Walnuts. Warning cont..
Cookie Dough
Our Creamy Cookie Dough Fudgeridoo folded with Belgian Milk Chocolate Pieces and topped with Cookie ..
Crème Brulee
Fudgeridoo's take on the Classic Crème Brulee. A Dessert of Custard topped with Caramelized Sugar. D..
Our Death by Chocolate topped with Curlywurly's and Caramel Fudgeridoo bursting with Toffee Pieces.W..
Death By Chocolate
This one's for all you Chocoholics. Smooth rich Death By Chocolate FudgeridooWarning contains:MILK, ..
Dime Bar
Caramel Fudgeridoo with Toffee Pieces, topped with a Layer of Chocolate Fudgeridoo and Chunks of Dim..
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodgers are a popular British biscuit, made from Shortbread with a Raspberry Filling. You wil..
Lemon Cheesecake
Fit for a Queen.  Light, Fresh Citrus Lemon Fudgeridoo sat on a Cheesecake and Biscuit Base.Cro..
Lotus Biscoff
Our Creamy Vanilla Fudgeridoo packed with Lashings of Lotus Spread and Lotus Biscuits.Warning contai..
Lotus Biscoff & Chocolate
Our Creamy Vanilla Fudgeridoo packed with Lashings of Lotus Spread and Lotus Biscoff. Lovingly folde..
Malteser Dunk
You'll Dunk this in one! Creamy Vanilla Fudgeridoo Filled with Malteser Balls! Warning contains:MIL..
Maple Walnut
Creamy Maple Fudge Crammed with Crunchy Walnuts. Warning contains:MILK, WALNUTSMay contain traces o..
Mars Bar
Our Death by Chocolate topped with Mars Bars and Caramel Fudgeridoo bursting with Toffee Pieces.Warn..
Marshmallows Immersed in Marshmallow Fudgeridoo, Plumped like a fluffy Cloud. Warning contains:MILK..
Marshmallow Bubblegum
Bubblegum Fudgeridoo Bursting with Marshmallows, Plumped like a fluffy Cloud. Warning contains:MILK..
Millionaires Fudge
Fudgeridoo's take on the Classic Millionaires Shortbread. Our Caramel Lovers Fudgeridoo filled ..
Nutella Oreo Cheesecake
An exquisite blend of 3 wonderful flavours, Nutella Hazelnut Topping, Cheesecake Centre sat on a Ore..
Oreo Barbie!
Creamy Pink Glittery Vanilla Fudgeridoo, Popping with Oreos. Warning contains:MILK, WHEAT, SOY LECI..
Parma Violet
Parma Violets are a British violet-flavoured tablet confectionery, named after the Parma violet vari..
Peanut Butter Junkyard
Crunchy Peanut Butter in Fudgeridoo Popping with Reese's Chips Peanut & Peanut M&M'sWarning ..
Pear Drop
Pear drops are totally ace, the wonderful pear scent takes me right back, aarh those were the days! ..
Raspberry Ripple
Crushed Raspberries lovingly folded with Creamy Vanilla Fudge. Fudgeridoo's take on Knickerbockers R..
Red Velvet Cake with Cookie Dough Bites
Fudgeridoo's take on a Red Velvet Cake, Popping with Red Velvet Cookie Dough Bites. Perfect for Red ..
Rocky Road
Death by Chocolate bursting with Marshmallows & Walnuts! Warning contains:MILK, SOYA LECITHIN, ..
Sherbet Zinger Tangtastic
Lip smacking tongue tingling Sherbet Zinger Tang-Tastic. If you want to try something different in F..
See The Rainbow, Taste The Rainbow! Find your Skittles Fudgeridoo at the end of the Rainbow. Warnin..
Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Death by Chocolate Fudgeridoo Swirled with Chopped Salted Pea..
Sparkly Unicorn
Far far away in Fudgeridoo Land, We make our Beautiful Sparkly Unicorn Tutti Frutti Fudgeridoo. Alwa..
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